My schedule this week~

12/04/2013 ~ Check in Rumbia Resort, Paka

13/04/2013 ~ Cycling in Kerteh

14/04/2013 ~ Dialog with Petronas Gas Berhad, Kerteh

15/04/2013 ~ Director General visit

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Apa CLASS bro!...

As Salam to all my friends & readers...
Yesterday.. tak dapat update my blog..
Damn busy & tired...
This week..attended training on CLASS regulation..

Do you know what's CLASS?
Apa kelas? kelas la?..low kelas?..
CLASS is stand for "Chemical Classification, Labeling & Safety Data Sheet"
If you're not chemical will headache..hehe

So...nak hilangkan pening kepala...
Jom main badminton..

p/s~Dah 2 tahun tak pegang bulu tangkis...
Main pun macam hampeh...

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