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12/04/2013 ~ Check in Rumbia Resort, Paka

13/04/2013 ~ Cycling in Kerteh

14/04/2013 ~ Dialog with Petronas Gas Berhad, Kerteh

15/04/2013 ~ Director General visit

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2 girls...which one?

Salamz & morning to all my frenz & readers..
This morning, i read few hadith from a book..
Muntakhab Ahadith (english version)...
Ikramul Muslimin's Chapter..
Page 467...

Ibnu Abbas ranhu narrates that Rasulullah SAW said, "No muslim (father) who has 2 daugthers and he treats them well as long as they live with him, or he lives with them, except that these 2 daugthers will cause him to enter into Paradise".
(HR Inbu Hibban)

Anas ranhu narrates that Rasulullah SAW said, "If anyone brings up 2 girls, he and I (Rasulullah) will be together in Paradise like these 2 fingers (pointing with his 2 fingers)".
(HR Tirmizi)

p/s~i like this hadith...
Semoga aku adalah salah seorang darinya..Amen

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